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The AllStar Game

By Kendall Warren and Sean Murtha

ALLSTAR GameHawks Soar at All Star Game Despite Disappointing Season

            Placing last season’s 1-9 record behind them, Viera High Seniors Jalen Jackson, Sebastian Noel, Cameron Milks, and Zack Schwarz hit the field on Friday night for one last time. Selected       by Coach Mays and other local highs school coaches, the players represented Viera in the county’s All Star game Jan 12 2013.

            “It was fun competing against top players in the county, and also fun to know you were playing alongside some players that will be going D1,” says Linebacker Cameron Milks After the game. The exhibition squared off Brevard’s best in a full length football game to display players’ abilities for recruiting colleges.

            Center Zack Schwarz was among the four selected for Viera. Most of the players shared the same feeling towards the experience, Zack saying, “It was great playing with high level players. It makes you bring your own level up a notch every snap. I love playing with guys that play at a high level but there is nothing else like playing with my own O-line at Viera. I love those guys.”

            Sebastian Noel added to his experience, saying that he gained “a lot of respect” for the other players, after a great game recording two blocked passes and four solo tackles.

            With the prospect of college ball in the minds of every high school player, the players are excited to be given the opportunity to take their talents to the next level. Cameron Milks is currently looking at schools in the Midwest (where he is originally from) or F.I.T. and Stetson in Florida. Zack Schwarz is currently in touch with multiple Division 2 schools but plans on studying engineering at Georgia Tech if football does not work out. Jalen responded by noting “I am definitely playing college football. I have a few schools to pick from; I just have to make a decision.” One thing is for sure- Viera will be watching as our players move to the next level.






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