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Where To Go and Where Not To Go: Spring Break Edition


For this upcoming spring break the stories I’m about to share with you may make you want to stay behind or pack your bags and catch the earliest flight to your vacation.  Spring break offers many adventures and opportunities to have the best vacation or a time that you wish you could forget.  Anywhere in the world offers a memorable experience but it’s important to find information about excursions and activities to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

An extravagant and lively vacation spot that is sure to please you is the Keys in southern Florida.  A fellow student at Viera High School, Elaina Valencia, shared with me her personal experiences from traveling to the Keys and why you should consider this location for your Spring Break, which is rapidly approaching.  There are many geographical benefits that set the mood for any experience you choose to have in the Keys.  Wide-open, clear blue waters are great for a fishing trip and even swimming.  Multiple volleyball courts on the beach provide a social aspect and exercise for you on your vacation, so you can keep your “swim suit body” top notch throughout the whole break.  Bright pinks, yellows, and oranges catch your eye as they flow across the sky like a wave.  A romantic and happy mood sets in as the sunset makes your night just as relaxing as your day had been.  Elaina recommends people try the deep-sea fishing.  She spent a day scuba diving in deep waters exploring all types of fish and then tied the day up with a big catch, a Sail Fish.  If this vacation sounds appealing to you, talk to your parents about excursions and benefits of visiting the Keys for your spring break; relaxation and fun are guaranteed.

Cozumel, Mexico is a gorgeous vacation spot, but if you’re considering horseback riding the story I’m about to share with you will definitely change your mind and make you laugh a little.  Tara Haner from Viera High School and her family signed up for the horseback-riding excursion in Mexico hoping to have a wonderful day on a nice, wide-open ranch.  Mexico is filled with many Spanish speakers, so it is hard to know what they’re saying if you know little or no Spanish.  But on the horseback riding trip no one working spoke English.  Instead of reaching a beautiful ranch full of bright green grass and horses frolicking all over, they arrived at an illegal government property that Tara and her family could have been arrested for going to.  From Tara’s personal experience, she recommends to students that Barbados and Hawaii are fabulous places to visit!  Although horseback riding doesn’t work out in Cozumel, it’s still a great place to go.  Just be sure to avoid the horseback riding options unless you want to end up like Tara and her family.



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