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dev_embarrasingBy: Amber Layun and Taylor Sapp

Everyone has those embarrassing moments when your face flushes cherry red, and you can feel everybody’s eyes on you. It isn’t until after the humiliation that you can look back and laugh at your own “Hawk-wardness.”

Man’s Best Friend

I was at rowing practice and everyone was standing around waiting to go home. A teammate lifted up his phone and said, “This is my little brother and sister!” Seeing the picture from an abstract angle, I said, “That’s not your little sister. That’s a dog!” Well, with a closer look, it actually was his little, adopted, African-American sister. The two buns on the girl’s head looked like ears. I felt so bad! I apologized a million times while everyone was giggling…besides the kid who I told his sister was a dog.

-Savannah: grade 11                


When I was ten, I went to McCarty summer camp. I had stuffed my bra before. We started playing silent speed ball with a giant yoga ball. When I went to catch the ball, all the toilet paper came out of my bra. It was sticking to my chin, and my friend had to point it out.

-Katie: grade 10 

How Low Can You Go?

One time at a graduation party, my friends and I decided to do the limbo.  I began to prep and stretch, because I take limbo seriously. Finally, when it was my turn to limbo, I bent low, as far as I could go. The pole, which was two feet from the ground, made it hard to go so low. But before I knew it, I heard a tear. I looked down and my pants had ripped right down the front…let’s just say it was all hanging out.

-Will: grade 11

Going Commando

One day at school, I was wearing a dress with a zipper running down the middle. I was standing in the middle of the hallway and my friend came up and unzipped my whole dress! Just my luck, I wasn’t wearing any underwear…

-Jacqui: grade 9

Is It Breezy or Is It Just Me?

I had my ACT testing bright and early. Still half asleep, I got dressed. When I got to the testing area and sat in my desk, I realized I wasn’t wearing a bra, oops.

Rachel: grade 12

What’s In the Fountain?

When I was little, in summer camp, I pooped my pants in a park. So I took my underwear off and washed them in the water fountain.

-Arthur: grade 11

Private Encounters

This year, I was in Senior Dining and someone was in the girls’ restroom already. I couldn’t wait, so I secretly went into the boys’ bathroom. I thought I had locked the door, but I didn’t, and a boy came bursting in. I screamed.

-Devan: grade 12

I Just Couldn’t Hold It!

My friend made a funny joke and my other friend was laughing hysterically. I started laughing at her laugh, and I laughed so hard I peed myself, and fell on the ground crying with laughter. It was right before the first bell rang.

Ashley: grade 10

Hanging Loose

One day during spring break, I went to a water park in West Palm. It was a beautiful day and it was packed considering a female NASCAR driver was there signing autographs. When I went down the Black Hole (a water ride) my bathing suit top flew off! Hundreds of people were watching as they were waiting in line for the meet and greet. I was so embarrassed; I cried and went home.

-Summer: grade 12

The Spirit of Love

Once upon a time, on Valentine’s Day, I was on a stroll through Viera High School. I was wearing my heart boxers. Suddenly, as I was approaching my class, I was pantsed by my fellow peer and everyone saw the Valentine spirit of my boxers.

-Cody: grade 11



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