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The Scoop: This Week in Entertainment News

By Lili Kendall and Dayana Westhaver

      “That 70s Show” actor Ashton Kutcher, 34, is preparing to portray the mastermind behind Apple- Steve Jobs. Kutcher has gone to great, perhaps extreme, lengths to capture every aspect of Jobs. From watching “hundreds of hours” of footage to even going on Steve Jobs’s infamous fruitarian diet, Kutcher has this role down to every last detail.

       However, he recently faced some unhealthy consequences. Due to picking up unusual eating habits, Kutcher’s pancreatic levels were off the charts, leading to a hospitalization just two days before the filming for jOBS would begin.  According to Us Weekly, Kutcher called the pain he endured “worth it.” He admitted to feeling nervous about taking on this role because he didn’t want to “ruin” the role. Ashton Kutcher discussed his great admiration for Jobs, and he called the role “terrifying!”

      While people may be already predicting whether the movie will be a hit or miss, many are praising Kutcher’s appearance. Internet news blog Mashable has called Kutcher’s appearance “spookily accurate.” Although some blogs are crying “Photoshop,” there is no denying that Ashton Kutcher could be Steve Jobs reincarnated.

            You can get a look at a side-by-side comparison of Steve Jobs and Ashton Kutcher here:



       Florida’s Country Music Festival returns with melodies in the air! The best part? This foot-thumping festival takes place in Melbourne’s Wickham Park in Brevard County from March 22nd-24th. Country music fans can enjoy lots of good food and drinks while listening to country music favorites like Lady Antebellum, Billy Currington, and Dierks Bentley.

        Tickets will flash before your eyes and you won’t even know it, so buy yours here at Runaway Country’s official website:


Here lies the full 2013 lineup:

Friday 3/22                                                  Sat. 3/23                                                      Sun. 3/24

1:00- Samantha Russell Band               1:00- Bubba Wilson                                 1:30- Tom Jackson

2:00- Jill’s Cashbox                                 2:00- Tobacco Rd. Band                           2:30- Parmalee

3:15- The LACS                                          3:15- LoCash Cowboys                             4:00- Charlie Daniels Band

5:00- Colt Ford                                         5:00- The Farm                                           6:00- Craig Morgan

7:00- Sara Evans                                      7:00- Billy Currington                               8:00- Lady Antebellum

9:00- Dierks Bentley                                9:00- Lynyrd Skynyrd








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