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Black Ops 2 Review

Call_of_Duty_Black_Ops_PictureBy Andrea Dana

You hear gunshots in the distance, people screaming for back up, and then a grenade goes off. You have been thrown into the wall, bleeding and barely conscious of what is going on around you. Then, you realize that it is all a game, and you are sitting on a comfortable couch in your “out of harm’s way” home. This is just ordinary for most gamers when playing the highly praised video game, Black Ops 2.

Treyarch, the creators of the world-renowned game of Call of Duty (COD), have been around since 2003. The previous games have all been themed to past wars and battles; however, their new game has a twist. Black Ops 2 is themed in 2025 where anything is possible such as: a Bouncing Betty (which launches itself into the air and detonates, causing an explosive blast in a 360-degree radius); a shock charge (electrocutes the player and prevent him from moving); and a force field (that when used can stop you dead in your tracks and if you linger in its forces for too long you will meet an unfortunate end).

Besides the gore, violence, and drug related conduct, this game has great role models and teaches you the sad truth of war that can be a real revelation for many. In campaign mode, you take on the role of U.S. forces fighting across the globe against the Chinese. Not to mention the way you react to a certain mission affects the outcome of the ending to the game. Therefore, do not be flabbergasted when your friend gets a different end-result than you. “I was surprised that when I replayed campaign mode the ending was different the second time.” stated a happy customer and Sophomore at Viera High School.

The moans of the dead and their dismantled body parts can make anyone cringe at the thought of the zombie apocalypse, yet Treyarch has made this nightmare all too real. In the famous Zombie Mode, you fight the undead zombies on a farm, town, or on a bus. Unlike in the Multiplayer War Mode (where you fight other players), death becomes permanent in this blood-curdling mode. Trust me, if you think being shot from three different directions by people all over the world is nerve wrecking, just wait until 30 zombies are surrounding you and your only way out is a bus that is driven by a rusty robot. “My best advice when playing the Zombie Mode is to ride the bus as long as possible,” commented an advance gamer, Emily Ramsey.

To put it briefly, Call of Duty – Black Ops 2 is one the best video game on the market today. With its futuristic weapons, gamer’s choice campaign, and terrifying zombie mode, people all over the world cannot get enough of this game. Which is obvious, considering COD sold over 7.5 million copies in its’ first month.  Thus, making it the highest grossing game in history.







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