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Eastern Florida State College


By Taylor Skeen and Austin McClure

            There has been talk about BCC and its plan to become a four-year University over the past couple of years, and now it’s finally happening. BCC announced its plan to add on a full four-year University for the public on December 2, 2012, where students can get nearly the same Degrees’ as UCF while being close to home and for a cheaper price. It’s now to be named Eastern Florida State College. EFS’s tuition is lower than a four-year state and private university. The total cost of a four-year degree at BCC is expected to cost around $12,800 compared to UCF at around $22,700 and less than the $131,000 at the Florida Institute of Technology. “I think BCC doing this is one of the smartest things they could have done! They are letting people go to college for a lower cost, thus increasing the amount of people that have a college degree. It’s also giving people who couldn’t afford college a chance. It’s a perfect idea,” exclaimed Tina LoDato.

EFS isn’t fully converting over to a 4-year university, they are still a 2-year Community College. So no worries to the people who thought their Community College was diminished. They are still offering vocational degrees’, so it’s still no problem for those who want to do 2 years their and two at a bigger college.

After polling students, thirteen out of twenty said they would consider going to the new university. “I would go there for general ed classes because it will be cheaper. Then I’d go somewhere better for engineering,” said Steven Dolbey.  Eastern Florida State College’s first four-year degrees will be offered in August of 2013.



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