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As high school students, especially seniors, we are working towards a big step in our life: college. Throughout these four years, one must start making the decision of what they want to become and where they want to continue their education to achieve this goal. After taking a poll from ten seniors at Viera, the top three schools out of the numerous colleges and universities in Florida are University of South Florida, University of Central Florida, and University of North Florida.

The large, public university located in Tampa, University of South Florida, is known for its global research provided for its students (collegeboard.org). With “more than 80 undergraduate majors and 14 colleges” (usf.edu), that research can be put into use for the major you want to pursue for your future career. According College Board, the majority of the students major in business/marketing (19%) and social sciences (16%). USF also provides numerous clubs and activities for student involvement anywhere from fine arts to radio/television stations along with sports for the Bulls (usf.edu). If you find yourself interested in attending USF, it is best to apply by the deadline date of March 1 for fall semester.

University of Central Florida is a large, public university located in Orlando (collegeboard.org). “More than 200 majors” (ucf.edu) are open for students to explore, especially if they are not certain which major they are leaning towards. According to College Board, the majority of the students also pursue business/marketing (24%), health professions (12%), and psychology (10%). Students can get involved within the campus through club and activities, student organizations, fraternities/sororities, sports or community service whether they strive for academics or just for fun (ucf.edu). If you are interested in attending UCF, make sure to apply by the deadline of May 1 for fall semester.

The medium-sized, public university that is located in Jacksonville, University of North Florida, has become a growing interest to uprising college students (collegeboard.org). Although they only have five colleges, there are opportunities within a major that one can pursue, especially in the college of arts and sciences. According to College Board, the majority of the students go forth business/marketing (23%) and health professions (14%). UNF focuses on the ideas of providing their students with the best learning opportunities not only inside, but outside of the classroom (unf.edu). By achieving this goal, the university provides “over 20 specialized departments, units, and facilities for co-curricular and extracurricular programs, activities, and services” to experience (unf.edu). If UNF grabs your interest, applications begin rolling in January.

As students reach their last year in high school, they must start making the difficult decision of where they want to start the next chapter in their education. Although this can be stressful, you can avoid obstacles by taking the time to figure out who you want to become and what fits you best. There are many colleges and universities inside and outside of Florida that you can explore and these reviews are just a start. No matter which school you choose, your future is bright.



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