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Volunteer Opportunities PHOTOHannah Mae Harding: Staff Writer

Many students struggle with obtaining the certain amount of volunteer hours needed in their high school career. Why you ask? Most kids simply don’t know where to go! However, they’re many volunteer opportunities right here in the community.

The Brevard Zoo always needs helping hands. Starting at age sixteen, people can help out with anything from the gift shop to feeding animals. Depending on what interests you, the Zoo even provides training in that area. Not sixteen yet? No worries! The zoo offers a Zoo Teen Volunteer Program for ages thirteen through sixteen, which is guaranteed to kick start your requirements for volunteering at school, such as Bright Future Scholarships. The Brevard Zoo locates itself off of Wickham Road in Melbourne, so it’s nearby and convenient for anyone to reach. It presents a great opportunity to gain hours every week and a fun experience as well.

Health First, another local business, also calls for as many volunteers as possible. Multiple facilities position themselves all over Brevard County from hospitals to hospice centers. You can volunteer at the admitting area, flower delivery, gift shop, pediatrics, and much more. They love having extra help and the patients enjoy getting visitors daily.

If none of these interest you, you might want to think about a club right here on campus. PeaceJam, run by law studies and spanish teacher Ms.Harrigan, consists of many students. Anyone can join at anytime with a fee of only $15. The club involves themselves with many family programs such as Nana’s House and Brevard Family Partnership. Each program helps to provide stability for struggling families or foster children and their parents. They also help families find the proper resources to go to for help. In fact, the members of PeaceJam even visited a group of children during Christmas. “ The look on their faces when we visited them was priceless,” Ms.Harrigan says. “ It felt good to make their day and see them smile.” If you or anyone you know would love to be a part of this, go visit Ms.Harrigan in portable six.

There are many hidden opportunities to help out in the community, students just need to search high and low in order to achieve those hours!






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