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The Walking Dead!

By Jessica Lupo

        Michonne    The mastermind, Robert Kirkman, has done it again! Robert Kirkman has made many successful comic books such as Invincible, his new ,and very popular, Thief of Thieves, and Kirkman’s most thrilling- The Walking Dead. Last we saw The Walking Dead characters on December 2 during the mid-season finale, A LOT had gone down. At Woodbury, Darryl and his brother Merle were face to face with the new one-eyed Governor! The Governor lost his eye to a gruesome fight with Michonne, and Michonne and her amazing samurai skills led to the death of the governor’s chained-up zombified daughter Penny (Who keeps their zombie daughter? Creepy…). When the Governor shows up and Penny is held by Michonne with a katana to her neck, the Governor pleas and begs her to leave her alone. He even drops all his weapons immediately to ensure her safety, but that doesn’t matter: After Michonne killed Penny, she was attacked by the psycho Governor and was wrestled to the ground. Both were going in for the kill. While wrestling in the Governor’s man cave, the Governor throws Michonne into his “collection” of zombie heads in fish tanks. They all shatter and zombie heads litter the floor. By now, the Governor has Michonne in a chokehold, with her desperately reaching for her katana. Michonne knows she can’t reach it, so she goes for the broken glass from a shattered tank. She takes the glass fragment, shoves it upward, and collides it with the Governor’s eye. The Governor immediately retracts from the astounding blow and weeps holding his eye. Michonne is about to put this man out of his misery but is interrupted at gun point by her former friend Andrea. They circle and Andrea chooses the Governor over Michonne.  Michonne was the bigger person and lowered her weapon and left. Andrea then notices how correct Michonne was. She sees the zombie heads on the floor and a now broken man she thought she knew in a corner cradling his now-dead zombie daughter.

Back outside on the battlefield, Glenn and Maggie were being transported somewhere else, but Rick and his crew intercepted that and Maggie and Glenn were taken to safety in a little store. That’s when Glenn tells Daryl that his brother was here. After the fighting ceased outside, Rick and his crew made a run for it and left Woodbury. Except for Daryl, he made it his mission to reconnect with his brother. Daryl is captured and taken out in front of the Governor’s people with a bag over his head and is called a terrorist. When the bag is taken off his head he sees his brother and the crowd cheering “Kill them!” As the brothers are in the middle, you see Andrea just so shocked that she doesn’t even know what to do.

As this all undergoes, back at the prison a lot has occurred. Axle hits on 17-year-old Beth, Carol just loses it, and Axel hits on her instead! After all that occurred, 11-year-old big man Carl goes to investigate all the commotion down one of the halls. There, he finds Tryeese and his crew fighting walkers, and commences to lead them back to the little “holding room” where they had Michonne, only to find out that one of the girls in the group was bitten. Watch The Walking Dead again this Sunday!  







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