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Success Tips for Incoming Freshman

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Freshman can only imagine what it will be like on their first day of high school, scary and confusing.  High school is a jungle full of people running to class and students of higher grades wanting to pick on the new animals of the pack.  I interviewed four students that will provide their personal opinions about homework, friends, and activities to encourage you to be involved with the school.

Homework is a crucial part in school year that can hurt or help your grade.  I recieved varied answers about the amount of homework students do everyday and the amount of hours they should actually be doing homework.  All four of the students I interviewed say one to two hours is the general amount of time it takes to complete their homework.  Celeste Spaccio of Viera High School said “four or five hours are the amount of time it should take you to do homework.”  Jenna Wojahn also said from Viera High, “I should only do thirty minutes because it stresses kids out.”  The real question is how much time should you be dedicating to homework?  Professors say on average each day at least three hours should be spent doing homework.  Doing the maximum time of three hours will help you get a good grade and prepare for your future grades.

Making friends.  Introducing yourself to other students poses a challenge to any person no matter how easy they think it will be.  Elaina Valencia encourages students to join a sport,“volleyball and track” are what Elaina has been involved in since freshman year and she said, “It definitely helped me meet people who I’m close with now.”  Online websites support my interviews by saying that confidence and sports are two great ways to meet people and climb in the social rankings.  Focusing on your work is important but having a social life is equally as important.

Anxiety may play a big role on your first day or your confidence may be high, either way its important to know how to survive your freshman year.  Jenna Wojahn and Elaina Valencia say, “always do your homework and stay on task, it only gets harder.”  Jack Wagner also suggested, “make lots of friends, you’ll be much happier.”  Freshman year is just the first year of high school and the start to your future.  Make friends, be involved, and always do your homework.  These are a few tips that are guaranteed to help you be successful in your freshman year, you can not be successful unless you put the effort in.



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