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Affordable Spring Break Vacation Ideas Close to Home

BD39A8FF-A9A0-0BAD-CAF7-97105214B408Affordable Spring Break Vacation Ideas Close to Home

With spring break right around the corner, everyone’s mind is on their vacation plans. While some of us might be staying close to home over the break, many of us plan to travel outside the city limits to enjoy our time off. For those who want to get out and explore, with traveling to far from their home or budget, there are numerous hotspots right here in Florida that you can enjoy without breaking bank.

Miami Beach:

A famous spot for both locals and tourists, Miami Beach offers a unique mix of beach culture and sophisticated restaurants and hotels. By day, the white, pristine beach is bustling with activity; by night however, people clear the sand and travel to some of Florida’s finest restaurants. Tantra, Smith and Wollensky, Escopazzo, and Prime 112 are just a few of the extravagant and tasty options offered, with surprisingly affordable meal prices. As fantastic as Miami Beach Cuisine is, the hotels only serve to further raise the bar. The Chesterfield Inn and Suites, the Clinton, the Avalon, and the James Royal Palm all offer rooms with prices as affordable as 100 a night. Nearly all the hotels located in Miami Beach offer spas, private restaurants, and beach access. All these amenities make Miami Beach a vacation spot you don’t want to miss this spring break.


Destin, Florida, located in the panhandle, offers a stunning array of both natural and manmade attractions. Destin is situated on the Gulf of Mexico, and visitors to the area are continually surprised to find such beautiful scenery in such an anonymous spot. Restaurants here honor traditional cooking styles, with seafood being a main staple. Fresh shrimp and crab are specialties in many restaurants such as Harry T’s Lighthouse, Aj’s Oyster Bar and Grill, and Boathouse Oyster Bar. Many of the restaurants in Destin have been nominated for culinary awards. Hotels in Destin are usually smaller and less extravagant than those found in Miami Beach, but what they lack in size they make up for with charm and atmosphere. Wingate by Winhgam, Destin Inn and Suites, and Summerplace Inn all exude the allure and hospitality that defines Destin, Florida.


Weston is situated in South Florida, just a short drive from the Atlantic Ocean.  Since the town itself is not located directly on the ocean, more focus can be given to the shops and restaurants of Weston. Excellent shopping malls, as well as charming, small town boutiques decorate the city landscape and provide a bounty of opportunities to relax and unwind. As far as restaurants go, the unique location offers an equally unique mix of food. Restaurants such as East City Grill, II Toscano, and The Cheese Course make your stay more enjoyable. The cuisine includes seafood from the ocean, and an intriguing array of fresh fruits and vegetables. Without a doubt, Weston is an ideal destination for vacation this Spring Break.



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