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Compatibility Helps Solve Problems

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By Mia Ricci

Our school has adopted a Valentines’ day tradition, the Matchmaker survey.  This is an easy fundraiser that the participants enjoy taking part of.  Participants respond to multiple choice personal questions, they get matched with most compatible opposite sex and friends and most opposite matches. Students, teachers, and staff are all welcomed to participate.

I interviewed Mrs. McNut, who is in charge of the fundraiser and is also, the teacher leader of the Future Problem Solvers. She said the “The profit from this year was about the same as the past years.”

To view or keep your results, it cost money, but the money goes to a good cause, the Future Problem Solvers. Mrs. McNut said “The proceeds go towards the districts, state, and international competitions that the Future Problem Solvers go to.” Students choose to either buy their results,  keep them for future memories, and help our fellow students reach their dreams of  problem solving to help others, or to save a couple of dollars. As a student saving money is typically the answer, but on the other hand high school memories are priceless. This fundraiser different and more unique than other fundraisers that our school uses, “The social aspect is what makes people want to buy the results” Mrs. McNut said.

As I interviewed seniors though freshman, their opinions varied about the Matchmaker survey.

Leah Bourke, a senior, has purchased two of her Matchmaker survey results and planned to buy her results for this year. She trusts the results of the Matchmaker survey “to make new friends”. When I asked “How do you think the matches are generated?” she responded to me by saying “from most answers that are the same”.

Jacky Preziosi, a freshman, did not plan on buying her results. She does not trust the Matchmaker survey she said, “because no one is exactly like you.” She believes that the matches are generated “by a computer.”

Steven Martinez, also a senior, has purchased his results every year and plans to for his fourth year. He does not trust the results of the survey because “sometimes the person isn’t even close to the person I am.”  When I asked, “How do you think the matches are generated?” He believes, “through likes and dislikes”.

Participant’s opinions regarding the Matchmaker vary throughout the class, and throughout the school. Whether or not they trust their results from the Matchmaker students want to purchase the silly, fun, and sentimental time capsule. To answer the question that everybody wants to know, Mrs. McNut said the matches are generated “according to the company, it’s statistical.”



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