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Your Electives in the Hands of Upper Classmen

photoBy Baylee Price and Kaley Bales

Have you been stressing about filling your elective spots? Any former freshman understands the frustration of filling out your registration form. When you review the ongoing list of potential courses, it can be overwhelming. Most people have trouble narrowing down what they want to possibly take and what order to put them in. As you know, the order you place them basically determines how the guidance counselors interpret what you wish to take that year. Between what you want to take and what your parents want you to take, it can be a stressful process. Don’t worry! We had our upper classmen fill us in on the most interesting electives they took so far to help you complete your form. It wasn’t difficult getting information out of them because our campus has many fulfilling courses to offer. The majority of sophomores, juniors, and seniors concluded that Interior Design was their elective of choice mostly because of the ability to be creative and still get an easy A. “For someone who is interested in decorating and being creative; this program is a lot of fun!” says VHS senior, Jordan Lawrence. Dental Aide seems to be popular among our students for aspiring dental professions. Sophomore, Jacque Reed stated, “The Dental Aide class is beneficial towards a career after high school”. A copious amount of interviewees stated that they wish they could have Film and definitely write that first or second on their registration form towards the end of the year.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the guidance counselors but putting the electives you want most doesn’t hurt. It increases your chances of getting the classes you wanted. So, before you turn in your registration form, refer to the helpful advice of your fellow students here at VHS.



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