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Tips to Prevent Senioritis

 123seniorphotoBy Andrea Dana

               Senioritis can be defined as a “sickness” that strikes high school seniors. Symptoms include: laziness, an over-excessive wearing of running shorts, old athletic shirts, leggings, and sweatshirts. Also features a lack of studying, repeated absences, and a generally dismissive attitude. The only known cure is a phenomenon known as graduation. Senioritis is easy to be diagnosed with, and can be deadly to your future. However, there are tips to help prevent senioritis.

1.      Keep a daily routine.

  • Save a special time to do homework and study for tests.

2.      Stay organized.

  • Keep a planner. Make it part of your morning routine to write down everything you need to accomplish by midnight.

 3.      Maintain a heavy course load.

  • To keep yourself from getting lazy, take harder classes and over achieve by accomplishing every extra credit opportunity possible.

4.      Avoid obsessing over college admissions.

  • Once you send your papers transcript and application to your hopeful future college, there is nothing to do but wait. Don’t obsess with the idea that you will not get in; instead think positively and focus on your school work.

5.      Keep your future in mind.

  • Remind yourself that you must keep your grades up or you might be dropped from one of your college favorites. Also in order to graduate with honors you need that 3.5.

6.      Have fun.

  • “My biggest advice to give to seniors is that to not spend too much time working and just relax.” Stated one successful senior, Shelby Dana.  Try to balance studying and doing homework with a few senior skip days in between to keep you from going crazy.


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