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Dance Through the Eye’s of a Hawk!

group-dance-picture1By Sarah Batson and Justine Garcia

Dancing is considered a hobby for lots of people. Viera High Student, Devan Ringenberg (12th), has a passion for dance. From the time she was young, Devan developed her love of dance since her mom worked at a fine arts studio where she first learned. Her main style of dance is hip-hop, but she is also a jazz dancer. Through many years of dancing, she has gained tons of confidence while performing and is no longer shy. Dancing is her comfort zone. It helps her break out of her shell, and it brought out a side of her that she never knew she had. She never had any confidence in herself, but when she started competitively dancing, she wasn’t afraid. She loves performing in front of people and always challenges herself during dance class. Devan fell in love with dance the very first time she went to a dance class. Her mom was a Washington Redskins Cheerleader, and she wants to walk in her footsteps by dancing for the Orlando Magic. Throughout the years, she has met many dancers and choreographers that have inspired her to continue her future in dance. When she was young, she performed in five recitals at a studio. Later on, when she was older, she competed in more than 50 dance competitions with Extreme AllStars and Dance Mania AllStars! While dancing with Extreme and Dance Mania, she has collected around 100 metals. On top of that, her teams have had many state and national titles. Her biggest accomplishment after all her years of dancing was in 2010 when her senior coed hip hop team from Extreme AllStars won the 2010 Dance Worlds.

Photo Taken By: Fran Ringenberg



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