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Seven Prevention Tips to Stay Healthy During the Flu Season!

PHOTOBy Olivia Ciepierski

Fact: No one likes getting sick.  But let’s face it, sometimes it’s inevitable.  Whether it’s a minor cough or a deathlike flu; you are sick and missing in action. You may not be able to avoid all colds and sniffles, but you can limit the amount you get during the flu season by these helpful prevention tips!

1.      Practice Good Hygiene.

Please, we beg you, wash your hands!  Although it may seem like common sense, you’d be surprised the number of people that skip this practical way to limit germs.

2.      Cover your Mouth.

No one likes being coughed or sneezed on nor do people like getting sick because you don’t cover up.

3.      Don’t Touch!

Don’t touch your face with germy, unwashed hands or touch other people. You won’t appreciate it when you get your friend’s cold.

4.      Get Plenty of Sleep.

Mother knows best, even if she doesn’t know it.  Your immune system, designed to protect us from colds, flu, and other illnesses, might fail to protect you when lack of sleep is present.  Next time your mother tells you to go to sleep early, listen to her.  Your immune system will thank you.

5.      Soak Up Some Rays!

Vitamin D, commonly obtained by sunlight, is vital for your immune system’s health.  Your body will work stronger and more efficiently, better protecting you from any potential illnesses.  So the next time you have spare time, spend it in the sun.  You’ll be benefiting your body in more ways than one and you may even get a tan!

6.      Get Moving!

Whether it be a walk through the park or Extreme Yoga, exercise helps support healthy immune system function and it’s a delightful way to sweat out deadly toxins.

7.       Relax.

Stress negatively impacts your mental and physical health in many ways, but by merely laughing more during the course of your day or taking a moment to step back and take a breather, you’ll be combating this unhealthy hazard with a smile upon your face and a spring in your step.

             How do you stay healthy? Below are some favorable precautions Viera High School students take to avoid getting sick during the flu season.

            “Wash Hands! Hand Sanitizer!”  Maria Peňa, Grade 9

            “Eat lots of fruits and veggies and always wash your hands!”  Brittinie Detorre, Grade 10



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