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Spring Break Vacation

key_westBy Koral Lusz

Spring break is only a few weeks away and as it gets closer, students’ plans are beginning to come together. Many are traveling to faraway places with hopes of tanning on white beaches, snorkeling in clear blue, tropical waters or just walking on long boardwalks. Others however, have plans more school focused like touring out-of-state colleges. When asked: “What are your spring break plans?” Junior, Haley Dishong answered “visiting colleges in North Carolina like Duke University.”

For students traveling out-of-state, I was curious to find out where they were headed. I asked Junior Kristina Bostik what her plans were: “I’m headed to Key West this spring break. I usually go there every year. I love going down there; There’s so much to do. My favorite things are jet skiing, snorkeling, and tanning.” There are many inexpensive places to stay in if you’re looking at the keys for a vacation spot. Many resorts in the upper keys are family oriented and provide many fun activities to do.  I also talked to Junior Abby Comando about her plans: “I’m also going to the keys. But, my favorite place to go is California. I love the beaches there and their amazing boardwalks.”

Other students, I discovered aren’t traveling this spring break but rather staying close to home. Why not? We have miles of coastline and great beaches. Instead, some shared where they have enjoyed visiting in the past. “I’m not traveling this year but my favorite place to visit is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania because I used to live there. My favorite spring break memory is when I came to Florida to visit one year.” shared Junior Jon Schwerdtfeger. Another student, Junior Ryan Wolford, also told me he wasn’t planning on traveling this spring break. “I used to live in Ohio and I really enjoy going back to visit when I can.”

Whether you’re staying home and hitting the sunny beaches, hitting up paradise out-of-state, or even touring colleges, students are sure to have a blast this 2013 spring break. As the days count down, students of Viera High School grow more eager. This spring break is sure to be one of the best ones yet.



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