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Study time, No Longer Stress Time

study photoBy Rachel Akram

Test Time, No Longer Stress Time

                Exams are just around the corner, and even though students still have a few months to prepare, the pressure starts early. In teenagers lives this is often the most stressful time of their life. But don’t fret, help is out there! Follow some simple steps to minimize the rising pressure that tests brings, and the great test scores will follow effortlessly. Some steps to take according to Yahoo Voices are:

  • Don’t cram at the last minute- no need for that, prioritize!
  • Get some exercise- it relieves stress and produces endorphins!
  • Do something fun that you love- you don’t want to lose your spark!
  • Make an organized schedule
  • Take away distraction- focus, focus, FOCUS
  • Make a study group- friends are the best buddies to crack open the books with!
  • Be well rested- at least 7-8 hours to perform at your finest!
  • Eat fruits and vegetables- your body will thank you later!
  • Not too much caffeine- coffee will help, but too much will hinder!
  • Deep breaths- hold for three seconds with your eyes closed, and then when they open you can conquer the world!

Attire is also a crucial factor in having a breezy test time! According to Collegefashion.net students should wear sneakers or flats, a basic t shirt, a small bag, minimal makeup and simple accessories. Although pajamas may seem the most comfortable and the warmth of sweats is temping, they are slightly too comfortable and will rapidly lead to a sleepy, lethargic student.

Setting goals, planning your day and staying calm is the key to a tremendous score! Remember you got this, you’ve studied and you’re well prepared. If you are confident in yourself the path ahead is smooth sailing.

Several students at Viera shared how they study and their feelings about test time!

Thomas Langford (freshman) said he studies for exams by “using notes and reviewing vocabulary. For math I review homework problems.”

Kim Rosario (junior) says on a scale from one to ten, exams stress her out “about an eight because of the study guides being dumped at once.”

Zach Schwars (senior) remarks he “plays sports” to eliminate stress around exam time.

“Look over notes and remain positive” recommends senior Miranda Foster

Helpful times are around every corner, just strategize and use every tip given and an ‘A’ is sure to come your way!



www. Breakthroughthefear.com



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