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Employee of the Year: Mrs. Ahern

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By Cat Kaiser
Here at Viera High School, we have an amazing administrative staff. In fact, each year the school is faced with the difficult task of picking a teacher and employee of the year. Covering this year’s employee of the year, I got the chance to get some insight from the employee of the year, herself: Mrs. Ahern. Ronnie Ahern works in our school’s front office. This may seem like a broad job, and in a sense it is. Mrs. Ahern is a huge part of Viera High School, due to everything she does for this school. In a recent interview with her, she gave me the basis of her job and some tips for the students and teachers here at Viera High School.
Mrs. Ahern takes care of most things in the front office including volunteers, students in need of help, parents in need of help, and so much more.
Q: What advice would you give to Viera students?
A: “I would advise students of Viera High to stay in school until graduation. Showing up on time is extremely important. It shows strength of character! One thing a supervisor shared with me and it has always been a part of my personality is: “ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING, EVEN WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING…” “
Q: What advice would you give to employees that strive for this award?
A: “My advice for my peers striving for the EOY Award would be: Always be yourself… be kind, be helpful, leave your personal life at home and try to be aware of your words and actions. Do your BEST.”

A big shout out and thank you to Mrs. Ahern for all of her hard work in the office and congratulations on winning this prestigious school award!



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