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Pet Lovers: A Guide to Care

004By Jacky Preziosi

What makes us laugh, smile, and happy every day? They have one thing that is the cure to a bad day and gives us that special feeling in our hearts. Everything they do makes you want to capture that moment and keep it in your heart forever. Only people like us would understand what this means- the pet lovers.

There is no doubt that pets are the key to our happiness, but we should also consider how we give our pets attention. Pets require a lot of attention, especially if someone may be considering adopting a puppy or kitten. Everyone should consider how they give their pets attention. Sarah Moore, 9th grader, said, “I give my two cats attention by feeding them, grooming them, and playing with them.”

As we know, pets come in various sizes, but they all come with the same amount of hard work. That is why there are certain tips for taking care of pets that we should all follow. First of all, be sure to learn as much as you can about the pet. Knowing what your pet needs can help you take proper care of your pet, it can also help determine the amount of responsibility it takes to take care of your pet. Next, all pets need food, water, and a nice comfortable are for them to be in. For example, just as fish need their tank and hamsters need their cage, dogs and cats need their beds. Last but not least, every pet has to be groomed. Well, maybe not the pet itself, but the cage or tank they are living in does. For example, dogs, cats, and even bunnies have to be groomed, but other animals like snakes, turtles, and rodents do not. Instead, their tank or cage has to be cleaned out, so the animal can live a happy and comfortable life.

“People should bond with their pets by playing with them and giving them the attention that they need and want,” said Mia Ricci, 12th Grader.

 Everyone should join together in helping their pets and other pets too. There are many ways to help other animals around the world. One of those ways includes donating to the ASPCA by going to http://www.aspca.org/donate/ . Just as people like us, the pet lovers, make a difference in our pets life, we can also do simple things to make a difference in another animals life.



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