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Students Participate in Sixth Midnight Run

Midnight Run pic

Photo Credit: Kaylee Cornish

By Lili Kendall

On Saturday, March 2nd , from 11:45 A.M.-8:00 P.M.,  over forty zombies slowly stumbled after VHS students as they attempted to complete a lengthy scavenger hunt.The sixth installment of Midnight Run Viera resembled an episode of “The Walking Dead.” Eight teams participated this year, and a maximum of six people per team was permitted. Each team made themselves known by designing team shirts, picking team colors, wearing similar clothes, etc. The Midnight Run is sometimes reserved for Visual Arts (ADAM) and Business Academy students only; however, any student from Viera High School was allowed to partake in this particular event.

Once the teams embarked on their scavenger hunt, students made up to look like zombies began chasing after them. ADAM academy students Taylor Wolfman, Jamie Green, and Jasmine Dulaney transformed ordinary VHS students into bloody, decaying zombies. Even though she knew most of the students, freshman Jojo Wolfman said the zombies looked “terrifying!” To add to the zombie effect, theme music from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” played at the beginning of the run.

Many challenges and clues were scattered throughout MRV6. Some challenges led students off-campus into other parts of Viera and the Avenue. If some destinations were further away, parent chaperones were available to give each team a ride. ADAM academy student, Kaylee Cornish, said that the clues were challenging- the kind of challenging clues that forced game players to really think outside of the box. Midnight Run Viera urges teams to be clever, so some of the clues are in hopes that participants will use their imaginations and decide, as a team, how the clue(s) should be interpreted. This event strongly encourages teamwork, leadership, problem-solving skills, and especially creativity! Participants had a blast playing the game and acting as zombies.

Points are given based on how well each challenge and clue is performed. If a team finishes first, they will be given many points. However, Midnight Run Viera is not like most competitions. Just because a team finishes the scavenger hunt first, does not mean they win. In order to win this race, a team must earn the most points. This year, the Purple Team finished MRV6 with the most points, followed by Team ‘Merica and Team Blue.

Additional information about past MRVs and pictures can be found here on Midnight Run Viera’s official webpage: http://midnightrunviera.org/





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