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Science Fair Winner: Kaycee Gray

By Sofie Axelsson

Viera High 10th grader, Kaycee Gray, recently took home first place at the district science fair. Her project, The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Crassostrea Virginica, studies the environmental hazards eastern oysters are exposed to. It impressed judges enough to not only qualify her for the State Science Fair, which is held in Lakeland but also another science fair in Orlando. Kaycee have been working on her science project since mid-September in the class science research at Viera. It is her third year taking the class, and even though she placed at the science fair before, this is the first year when she was able to win. About what made her project better this year she says:

PHOTO KAYCEE GRAY“I think having a solid project is key. In prior years my projects were good and I placed, but they either had no real-world application or my data showed nothing significant.”

The significant project she is talking about showed that ocean acidification causes the shells of sea creatures to deteriorate, which is very hurtful for the animal. To conclude this, Kaycee placed shells in different temperatures water to compare the deterioration of the shells. She acknowledges Ms. Woodard as a great help in picking what to focus on this year within the scope of marine biology.

In science research, each student works on a personal science project for the science fair. Kaycee says that it is mostly a laid back class, but if you have the right attitude it can challenge you as well. Many of the projects present incredibly impressive research, which Kaycee says motivates her to better her project throughout the year. Science research is a great science elective because it allows students to focus on something that they are personally interested in. It can be anything from sports, to medicine, to animals, which makes it unique from other science classes. Kaycee recommends for everyone to ignore the “nerdy” reputation that science research sometimes gets and take the class because it is a lot of fun. When giving advice to anyone thinking about competing in a science fair Kaycee says:

“I’m still in shock that I won; the people in my category had crazy awesome projects! I say you just really have to know your project, and be prepared for any questions the judges throw at you.



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