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What’s Hot?

  What’s Hot?

By Amber Layun and Taylor Sapp

At Viera High School, students have the ability to express themselves everyday through the clothes they wear. Along with the diverse population of the school comes a grand variety of fashion. Sporty, classy, beachy-casual, girly-chic, edgy, floral patterns and colorful prints… The hallways are flooded with students showcasing their favorite trends. The styles ranging from student to student are very different, but everyone has one thing in common: they like to feel good in the clothes they wear!

As the New Year rolled in, fashion experts predicted multiple upcoming trends, like an increasing popularity in the color emerald green, graphic dresses, and printed pants. Viera High School experiences similar types of trends that sweep over the student body. These “fashion waves” come and go, but what never changes is the opportunity that students have to express themselves through fashion.



(Pictured from left to right: Dayana Westhaver 9th , Shelby Beckman 11th, Kristin Mannino 11th, and Tia Valentine 12th.)

Keeping up with the latest trends is especially important to the girls at Viera High School. From the endless possibilities of purses, jewelry, and accessories, the hallways are crowded with unique, personal styles. “I would describe my style as laid-back and vintage,” Ariana Casingal, 9th, said. “My favorite item of clothing is a pair of DIY high-rise shorts.” On the contrary, Devon Hoffman, a senior, described her style as more girly. “I like to accessorize with bracelets, rings, and other jewelry. And I love wearing beaded shoes and colorful shirts, mostly pastels,” she added. Many girls, like Sydney Cinalli, 12th, wear a combination of different styles. “I would describe my style as inspired by multiple divisions of fashion,” Sydney explained. To keep up with the latest fashion, you don’t have to spend big bucks.  Some girls, such as Brooke Crawford, 11th, enjoy finding hot deals at thrift stores. There are many popular fashions at Viera, but here are some of the trends you are most likely to see girls rocking in the halls.

Hottest Trends:                                                                     Top Stores for Girls:

  1. Seafoam Green and Coral                                       1. Charlotte Russe
  2. Colored/Printed High Waisted Shorts                       2.  Forever 21
  3. Combat Boots                                                           3. Victoria Secret PINK
  4. Sheer/Rhinestone  Collared Tops
  5. High Low Skirts


phtoto 2Fashion_Devon_PhotoFashion_Ryan_PhotoFashion_Sean_Photo

(Pictured from left to right: Jalen Jackson 12th , Ryan Kelliher 11th, Devon Dickson 9th, and  Sean Murtha 11th .)

Most of the boys at Viera High School describe their style as laid back and chill. Still, they know how to make casual look fashionable. Ryan Kelliher, pictured above, said, “I would describe my style as lazy. My favorite thing to wear is a pair of Vans.” Cargos and jeans are typical for the lower half of a Viera dude’s outfit. “I dig a nice pair of pants,” Caleb Coomer, 11th, simply states. “Just as long as they cover the ankles.” Guys also accessorize with watches, socks, and even their backpacks are an expression of style. If you don’t see a Viera boy wearing Sperry’s or a Polo, he’s most likely in a Guy Harvey shirt, tank top, or board shorts. Being so close to the beach inspires many of the men’s styles, especially considering many of them hit up the beach directly after school. Here are a few other trends that are popular among the gentlemen.

Hottest Trends:                                                      Top Stores:

  1. Tank Tops                                                     1. PacSun
  2. Nike High Socks                                            2. Tillys
  3. Collared Polos                                               3. Hollister
  4. Board Shorts
  5. Sperrys/ Vans


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