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20130212_145919-1By Macey Norton

            From the first blow of the whistle, to the sound of the ball flying through the net, this has never been an option, or just a way to waste time; but simply a way of life.

Joy Wilkinson has been a dedicated soccer player for about 10 years and still counting. Recently, Joy has been given the honor of receiving a soccer scholarship to a close by local college F.I.T. (Florida Institute of Technology) . Although Joy wouldn’t have minded going to a school a bit further from home F.I.T. is a mere 30 minutes from the Viera area, and  Joy looks forward to her family and friends being able to attend her games, and having their support while she is on the field living her dreams.

Of the many years before, earning a soccer scholarship has been a dream of Joys, but now her dream is actually becoming her reality. Not everything seemed easy from the beginning, but the key to achieving what seems to lay far ahead in your future is hard work, and having inspiration move you. Joy receives endless inspiration from many friends, family, and mostly her mom.

Later in life Joy would love to pursue a career coaching a college team, or more so coaching a high school team since the past four years of her high school career has been such an enjoyment to her.

For Joy soccer is not just a priority, it is a way of life. “Its like breathing.” –Joy Wilkinson.




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