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Why Do People Cheat?

cheat pictureBy Lexie Turner and Aiyana Gangraw

Cheating takes place in many forms, for example: cheating on tests, cheating in races, and cheating in relationships. None of which are good if we want to be successful in life. We were able to look further into why people cheat and get some answers for well, why people cheat.

Expert Advice.

We were able to get some excellent insight from a trustworthy and honest adult about what she thinks about cheating. According to Law Studies and Spanish 2 teacher, Ms. Harrigan, some reasons why people cheat in relationships are because they are selfish and immoral. She also states “they are worthless cowards and adultery should be punishable by death with zero tolerance.”

Lance Armstrong was a famous bike racer who won multiple medals for Tour de France. It wasn’t until only recently that he finally admitted to taking performance enhancer drugs which helped him win several races. We asked Ms. Harrigan “why and how do you feel about Lance Armstrong cheating on his races?” her reply was, “He lost track of why he started racing and became too obsessed with the win. He is an embarrassment and he disappointed many people who believed him.”

Student Body Responses.

A lot of cheating happens in teens’ everyday lives, such as cheating on school work. Many adolescents also cheat on their significant other. In order to understand why this happens, we were able to interview several students with wise things to say.

According to Shateia Harris, a senior, “People cheat in relationships simply because they aren’t happy anymore.”

Anthony Melendez, also a senior, agrees. He states that people cheat because they want to be daring “players.”

Others such as Zak Mercer and Fendi Johnson, both juniors, agree with Anthony and Shateia.

There are several ways to avoid cheating. If you simply don’t want to be with your partner anymore, due to fighting or whatever the problem may be, then you two should talk it out and part your separate ways. Don’t be with someone who will make you want to be with other people. As for cheating on races and tests, will only hurt you in the long run. Cheating in relationships isn’t a healthy thing. You don’t affect just yourself but others around you as well.



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