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Assasins Creed III: Our Thought’s

Assassins Creed III: Our Thoughtsassasisn creded

Assassins Creed III, the latest in a family of thrilling, interactive video games, is set in revolutionary (soon to be) America. A dynamic combination of parkour and exiting historical adventure, it offers a more complete experience than its forefathers. More advanced technology offers both pros and cons in the game, enhancing some features while making us grimace at others.

The good:

We’ve always loved the fact that Assassin’s Creed’s trademark feature seems to be the unique mobility of its characters. The third edition of this much sought after series makes us wonder if perhaps the main characters partook in tumbling lessons prior to their super awesome death battles. The ability to maneuver characters in the game with more ease and precision increases your battle accuracy and enhances your ability’s as a ruthless killer.  Advancements in technology since the birth of Assassins Creed II have sharpened the graphics and created a more stunning, visually diverse landscape. Set in the time period of the Revolutionary War, the game does a remarkable job of combining fiction and fact, the end result being an intriguing, somewhat-historically accurate final fantasy world. Another feature that we love is the incredible storytelling experience this series provides. Carried on from the original and sequel, Assassins Creed III continues the tradition of interactive plot lines and story’s within the game.

The Bad:

While Assassins Creed III’s advancements in technology give it the freshly polished look of a 70’s prom queen, minor glitches throughout the game remind us that beneath all that eye shadow and blush lies a considerably less attractive individual. For example, deficiencies in the “think time” of the game result in lagging during opportune moments of kill or capture. Hunting errors left us starving and irritable, resulting in the mass genocide of hundreds of innocent rabbits when our weapons finally decided to work. Although we were pleased to find the combat generally fluid except for minor glitches, we quickly became irritated, and then frightened, as the onslaught of enemy’s refused to cease. As much as we love avenging our fallen with heaps of bloody corpses, we too need a break.

The Ugly:

While we enjoyed sharpened graphics and interesting storyline’s while frowning upon minor but frequent errors in the game, we were utterly unprepared for the shocking travesty we would soon face.  Though promised that we would be allowed the same methods of enforcing death as we were in Assassins Creed II, it was not to be. On January 13 2013, while facing numerous assailants, we discovered with horror that a fishing rod could no longer be used to inflict fatalities. Shaken and sickened by this realization, we began to wonder if the makers of Assassins Creed III truly sought American victory in the Revolutionary War.



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