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summer, summer, summer, ESSENTIALS

By Cat Kaiser and Rachel Akram


Pictured above: Cat Kaiser, 10 and Rachel Akram, 10
Photo credit: Koral Lusz, 11
In case you live under a rock, and don’t know that summer is in less than a month, first of all, reevaluate your life, and then read this because you clearly have no idea what you need to survive this hot summer’s night. With cliché beach days (DaKine’s included) and barefoot blue jean nights right around the corner, it’s time to start prepping yourself for the best 56 (?) days of your entire life. That is, ONLY if you follow these rules and invest in these essentials. Otherwise your summer will stink.
What to do:
1. Beach days are a must (no matter how cliché). There is nothing like getting super burnt because none of you wear sunscreen (why) and eating those beloved snow cones from the five star snow cone truck. Don’t forget to end your day with the classic DaKine’s Instagram picture. We really all care about how many Jarritos you drank. (We don’t.)
2. Make a homemade slip n’ slide. Simply get a ghetto tarp, lather it all nice and good like with baby oil or vegetable oil (super slippery) or classic soap and launch that baby down a hill. I guarantee you will experience pure bliss and or a severe injury but what’s summer without some scars to remember it by.
3. Take a photo every day, why not! You can cry about them when school starts reminiscing on the days when you were tan and weren’t forced to go to jail for seven hours a day.
4. For you boaters, Sebastian Inlet is always a fabulous adventure. Park your boats and enjoy the sun, while wading among the many sea creatures that probably want to eat off your toes. (But don’t worry, they most likely won’t.)
What to have:
1. A floppy sun hat yo!
2. Two pairs of cheap sunglasses to carry where ever you go- they are easy to lose so it’s not always smart to go and buy the most expensive designer pair.
3. A snow cone maker, because why not!
4. TANNING OIL. If you’re not tan, you’re not human and that’s obvious
5. Beats, not to take to the beach. Also have a cheap pair to take to the beach.
6. A pet fish, a really good thing to cry to when nobody wants to hang out with you. 

Hawk’s Summer:
“What is one thing you never leave the house without over the summer?”
“A bra.” –Bella Sincore, 10
“My phone!” –Lindsey Plante, 9
“My deodorant.” –Albert McManus, 10

“What is the best place to take a date this summer?”
“The bed of my truck.” – Josh Druse, 12
“McDonalds!” –Jack Wagner, 10
“No where…” –Albert McManus ,10

“What are three things you would like to receive in preparation for this summer?”
“A beach bod, Mariah Carey to release a new album, and a job.” –Bella Sincore, 10

“Which would you rather have for the summer: Tanning oil, sunglasses, or a beach bag?”
“Tanning oil.” –Bella Sincore, 10; Lindsey Plante, 9
“If you had an unlimited supply of money, what would you buy this summer?”
“A truck.” –Kyle Troiano, 9
“Duct tape.” –Jack Wagner, 10



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