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Have you Heard of a Cardboard Chair?


Photo Credit: Kylee Crate, Claire Hendrickson, Melissa Lascody, Lauren Shepard, Dasha Bondar, Jessica Cain, Victoria Vetter, Kim Walters, Jessica Saad

By Katrina Dutton and Leah Bourke

      You may find it difficult to imagine something as outrageous as a cardboard chair. In Ms. Hosmer’s Interior Design class, design two students took on the challenge last week to test their communication, group, and design skills. When we asked students about what their first impression of the project was, most said that it would be a challenging and impossible task, but they could try to accomplish it in the time given.

The basic rules for this project made this an even more difficult feat. The student could not use adhesives like tape or glue of any kind or even staples. The chair also had to be sturdy enough to sit in. The design had to look like a typical chair including a seat and back rest. Before you started designing your project one specific task was that you had to research different designs on the internet and sketch out your idea on paper. Once this task was accomplished, you were free to start building your project.

Kylee Crate and Claire Hendrickson made a fantastic looking and well-functioning chair. When asked about how they created their chair, this is what they had to say: “After researching cardboard chairs of the internet, we decided to create a mixture of the ones we likes best. We drafted a drawing that was to scale with all the measurements on it in order to make the building process easier.”

There were plenty of obstacles that came along that made the building process more difficult. No project is ever easy. It takes time, teamwork, and focus in order to accomplish such a mind-boggling and intense project. “Exhaustion, broken box cutters, dull blades, sore hands, callouses, incorrect measurements… we could go on…” said Kylee and Claire. However, as you cut away at cardboard and try to fit things together you always must have an element of fun.

At the end of this project, some Design 2 students felt accomplished like Jordan Lawrence, Kaitlin Anderson, Ashley Cowan, and Kristin Clayton. Kylee and Claire stated: “We were really proud of ourselves for finally finishing and happy with the outcome of our chair.”

Even though this project seemed to be completely impossible and difficult to complete, most of the students we interviewed said they would do a project like this again but with a different material besides cardboard.

Kylee Crate and Claire Hendrickson received the highest grade on their project due to stability and their design plan. Each Design 2 student who participated and created cardboard chairs followed each rule and came up with wonderful designs.



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