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Food Treasures

By Sydney Cinalli and Joy Wilkinson

Featuring the top five “food treasures” in our local area, this list will provide some direction to new food discoveries! These dishes all have some aspect that deem them unforgettable; therefore, they are worthy of some praise. Consider these options:Food Treasures Photo 1

# 1: Chicken Fried Rice, Thai Thai

Do you crave traditional ethnic cuisine? If you love fresh, decadent dishes with a pop of flavor, you will love Thai Thai’s Chicken Fried Rice. The sweet vegetables featured in this dish compliment the thin-sliced chicken, providing a rich texture. Crisp carrots and cucumbers work vicariously with ripe tomatoes to enrich the dish’s flavor. Although Thai cuisine typically contains an excessive amount of salt, this dish doesn’t reek with saltiness. The smooth texture of the rice paired with the tender chicken eases the palette. This is one dish you should not miss!

# 2: Cajun ChicFood Treasures Photo 3ken Pasta, Chili’s

If you appreciate spicy cuisine with a touch of rich cream, you won’t want to miss Chili’s Cajun Chicken Pasta. The tender, Cajun-spiced, grilled chicken works simultaneously with the penne alfredo noodles to create a velvety texture. The dish’s rich alfredo sauce contrasts the Cajun spice, producing a harmonious blend of flavor. Sweet tomatoes and green onions provide a bite of zest to the pasta, deeming it one of Chili’s most popular dishes. You won’t regret ordering this meal!

# 3: Parmesan Crusted Chicken, Longhorn Steakhouse

Imagine a crispy crust of parmesan cheese atop a juicy, chicken breast paired with sweet, seasoned rice. This amazing creation can be found at Longhorn Steakhouse located at the Avenue Viera! The tender chicken and smooth, oozy cheese melts in your mouth, creating a pleasurable and unforgettable experience. The dish’s soft, tender rice is decorated with thinly cut vegetables and lightly seasoned. This is one dish you cannot stop eating! It’s addictive!

# 4: The Mr.Food Treasures Photo 5 Mongo, Planet Smoothie

Do you like the combination of strawberries, yogurt, and bananas? Maybe even a protein blast to help you last throughout the day? Well, you should try the Mr. Mongo at Planet Smoothie because it is an “A+” smoothie! The yogurt and strawberries hit your taste buds, making you want more and more. This flavorful smoothie is light and fills you up. It’s totally worth the try if you love fruit and eating healthy!

# 5: Tortellini Alfredo, Panera BreadFood Treasures Photo 4

The delicious Tortellini Alfredo from Panera Bread is filled with a three-cheese blend and topped with parmesan cheese.  Taylor Sapp, a junior at VHS, commented about this delicious meal, “I branched out and tried Panera’s Tortellini Pasta dish, and I liked it a lot. I used to always get soup.” Don’t be afraid of trying new meals, especially from Panera. If you love cheese, you will definitely love the Tortellini Alfredo!



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