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An Idol, Inspiration, and Role Model

Stephen PicBy Justine Garcia

A role model isn’t necessarily someone famous or someone whose life you wish to have. Sometimes the most important and immediate people in your life, are the ones who inspire us the most. A role model is someone who possesses good qualities, sets a good example, shows great success, performs good deeds, and is someone you wish to be like one day. Andrea Pacheaco, a freshman at Viera, considers her brother to be her role model. Her brother Stephen Pacheaco, a sophomore at Viera, is her role model because he is a dedicated athlete.  Stephen is on the varsity soccer team for Viera, while Andrea plays recreational volleyball. She also says he has always been able to make smart decisions in life. On top of that, he always strives for success, is very determined, and is a good student in school. Andrea wishes to have the dedication and determination that her brother possesses. Stephen and Andrea both have similar goals; they both want to become professional athletes and refuse to make excuses for not being dedicated. Her brother has won MVPs for several sports, and has played at the highest level of soccer-state cup. Stephen has always told her that if she wants something to go out and get it, to stand out in a crowd as someone really dedicated and who loves the game.

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