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VHS Student Auditions for Popular Singing Show

VHS Student Auditions for Popular Singing Show PHOTO

By Baylee Price and Kaley Bales

Many people have a special talent that they wish they could share with people. A certain VHS student took a chance and got herself out there. Dezirae Podkulski drove to Atlanta, Georgia to audition for “The Voice” shown on the E Network. We met up with the courageous Junior to fill us in on her whole adventure. She felt she should arrive early to rest before the big day because before she would know it, she would be performing in front of producers at 7:50 in the morning. After a long while of waiting, Dezirae, along with other people auditioning warmed up together before being led to some more waiting. Producers called them one by one to stand on the stage and start singing. When it was her turn, she closed her eyes and took deep breaths.
Dezirae stated, “I was confident enough to do it. I have never had that amount of confidence before” ,which is exactly the attitude you need when going after your dream. Something else that boosted her confidence was the song she chose. She explained that choosing a song that suits your voice best and that you enjoy singing makes all the difference. She chose to perform “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae. Although she did not make it, she had the guts to do it. “I have no regrets” says Dezirae proudly.
Dezirae told us how the experience was well worth it and it only made her stronger. She now knows what she has to improve and work on which definitely is a plus. There are tons of other opportunities if you don’t make something the first time. We asked the VHS junior to give a piece of advice for anyone aspiring to do the same thing or just needing some assurance. “It may sound cliché but never give up. If you stop trying you could miss your chance to do something great”.



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