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Summer: How to Avoid the Burn

bahamas         By Nicole Gosule

        Over the course of the summer, students try to darken the color of their skin as quickly as possible for many reasons but the most common reason is because you look a lot healthier and attractive when you’re tan.   Tanning has many benefits, but it also poses many dangers that can damage your skin.  Knowing how often to apply tanning lotion or sunscreen and having a safe SPF for your skin tone will benefit your need for a tan while staying safe.  Many people think the higher the SPF, the safer their skin is going to be. Well, truth is, an SPF of only fifteen provides 93% protection while an SPF of sixty provides just 98% protection, only a 5% difference.  It is important to reapply your sun protection every two hours.   Another simple trick to use is to multiply the SPF of your lotion by ten and that is the amount of time it will take before your skin starts to burn.

I asked a few questions to fellow students at Viera High School about the SPF they use and the number of hours they are frequently out in the sun.  Elaina Valencia said she usually uses Australian Gold tanning lotion with an SPF of eight.  Over the summer Elaina recommends lying out in the sun for at least three hours and the amount of days per week depends on your schedule.  Nikki Bean answered my questions with very similar answers to Elaina, but she even suggested using an SPF of only four.  One thing they both had in common was the lack of knowledge about effects of skin cancer.  One American dies every HOUR from skin cancer.  Small, fleshy bumps appear all over your skin along with the chance of developing cataracts in your eyes from the sun.  After long time, exposure to the sun it can start to damage your bodies immune system and skins defenses.



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