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Viera High Autopsy

P1120694By Ben Robb

Viera High School anatomy students recently had the unique opportunity of viewing an autopsy on April 4th in the media center.  Only 56 students took part in this observation, and most of them greatly enjoyed the experience.  The autopsy was viewed via a live webcam on Skype with a pathologist from a university, and is an annual activity for those who are enrolled in the anatomy course.

Participating in an autopsy is obviously not something that you get to experience every day, and students recognized this as a seldom activity.  “I thought it was an incredible experience, it’s not every day you get to view a live autopsy,” 11th grade student Minna Nguyen pointed out, “it was also really interesting to see all the organs, how they look, and how they all connect in the body.”

During the autopsy, the pathologist was really endearing, making the students feel more comfortable while watching.  As pointed out by several students, he was very respectful in that he covered the cadaver’s (the dead body’s) face during the autopsy to respect her privacy.

Anatomy is a class growing in its popularity, and is favored by students who learn best by experiencing things first hand.  “I really liked how we could learn about the body through hands on experiences, such as dissecting a cat,” stated 11th grader, Suzy Henderson, “It’s interesting to see how all the organs are connected and how they function together to keep the cat alive.”

When deciding what electives to take in future years, anatomy is undoubtedly worth more than a glance in consideration, especially for those who are participatory learners.



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