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New Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center and Meerkat Exhibit

photo (7)The Brevard Zoo is getting a new rehabilitation center later this year! Set to come out this October, the zoo’s new rehab center will focus on injured and sick sea turtles. The zoo recently got a grant for about $40,000 from the Florida sea turtle specialty license plate revenues. The grant money will supply the zoo with two separate holding facilities to house sick and non-sick turtles. The zoo’s main focus for sick sea turtles is fighting a disease commonly seen in sea turtles called Fibropapillomatosis.

Fibropapillomatosis is a viral disease that causes benign tumors to grow internally and externally on a sea turtle. The zoo, also treating injured turtles, will have separate tanks with separate closed-loop filtration systems so no diseases are spread at the sea turtles’ stay at the zoo. The rehabilitation center will be a first for Brevard since the other closest centers to treat sea turtles are at SeaWorld or  Ponce Inlet in Volusia County. Having a center close to the beach to treat the sea turtles will help reduce the mortality rate of the sea turtles.

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In addition to the rehabilitation center, PNC bank has been fundraising a new meerkat exhibit that will be kicking off in March 2014. The new exhibit will be incorporating the Zoo’s rock python exhibit and a new termite mound where children will be able to get up close and personal with the meerkats that will be moving through tubes around the enclosure.

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I went around the VHS campus and asked some students to participate in a survey to find out what they knew about sea turtles. Here are their responses!

Do you know where the closest rehabilitation center is for sick or injured sea turtles?

  • No. Satellite Beach? Brevard Zoo? – Mrs. McNutt
  • No Idea- Alex Capalbo

How many sea turtle species are there?

  • A lot… -Taylor Long
  • 165 species of Turtles- Mr. Lahn

Did you know about the new rehabilitation center coming to the Brevard Zoo?

  • No, thank you for the info.- Patrick Davanzo
  • No ma’am I did not. Thank you for edumacting me.- Neka Gray

How do you think the new rehabilitation center will help sea turtles?

  • I think that it will help the sea turtles because there are a lot of injured sea turtles, there are also sea turtles that need help getting home.- Megan Smith


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