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Why To Put A Ban On Your Plans To Tan

Why to put a ban on your plans to tan - PHOTOWhy To Put A Ban On Your Plans To Tan

By Olivia Ciepierski

Summertime is approaching, and with it comes long, sandy days on the beach, countless, lazy days with friends, and lots of fun in the sun.  This summer, however, you should consider the negative effects of extended periods of time in the sun.  Although tanned skin might look good now, it doesn’t look so good after you read the consequences, risks, and aftermath of continual baking in the sun.  Ask yourself; is a transitory tan worth enduring severe damage?

1. Dehydration

Dehydration is more common than you’d think, and the effects can be felt in many ways, ranging in severity.  This occurs when the amount of water leaving your body is greater than the amount being taken in.  The best way to combat dehydration is drinking more water than you lose, so take note next time on how much you sweat while tanning.

2. UVA Rays

UVA Rays cause harm more than they help.  Both UV-B and UV-A rays damage the skin and can lead to skin cancer.   While UV-B rays penetrate the top lays of skin and held accountable for sunburns, UV-A rays infilitrate the deeper layers, damaging causing greater damage while producing more serious results, such as allergic reactions.

3. Premature Aging

Right now, your skin might be glowing and smooth with that sun-kissed look; however, later in life, you could be showing signs of aging prematurely.  Because tanning causes skin to lose elasticity and wrinkle sooner, and by the time your friends begin to show their age, you could already be looking weathered and rough with leathery skin.  The future of your tanned skin doesn’t look as bright as the sun you bake under.

4. Eye damage

UV radiation, while considerably damaging to your skin, can also cause immense permanent damage to your eyes.

5. Immune suppression

Although you might be feeling fine, possibly even better due to the boosted level of endorphins being released, your body’s immune system could be suffering.  UV-A and UV-B radiation can suppress proper functioning, which consequently, could be leaving your skin defenseless and vulnerable to diseases and sicknesses.  How do you feel about unintentionally making your body suffer every time you tan?

When students were asked whether they thought tanning had more advantages or disadvantages, the majority agreed that there were more disadvantages.  This is what else they had to say:

What are some negative effects of tanning?

“You could get skin cancer.”  -Brittnie Detorre, 10.

“Skin cancer, it speeds up aging process.  You look leathery when you’re old.”  -Lili Kendall, 9.





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