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Inspiration from a Beauty Guru

Inspiration from a Beauty Guru PhotoBy Sarah Batson

Whether it’s a family member, sports star, or celebrity, everyone has a role model. A role model can often be defined as someone who you look up to, one who has qualities you wish to possess, or an influential person who has inspired you to become better at something. Viera High School’s Emily Kaletcher (10th) has been inspired by a unique individual. Megan Kroh, YouTube Beauty Guru and student at PB Cosmetology School, is Emily’s role model.

Megan, also known as @ciaoobellaxo on YouTube, is a 19 year old who has a passion for sharing tips on hair, makeup, beauty, and fashion. Joining YouTube in June of 2010 without being known up until now with about 222,500 subscribers, Megan has made dozens of videos regarding what she knows best. This confident, young adult has been recently attending PB Cosmetology School to become a hair and makeup artist and will graduate during this coming summer. Besides family, she tells about how being happy is one of the most important things in life. Megan wants to be able to experience everything and lives by the quote: “I figure life is a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it.”

Emily finds Megan to be her role model for the fact that she’s an uplifting person who has inspired her to attend cosmetology school in future years. She describes how she would love to have Megan’s hair and positive personality. Emily admires her success in beauty school and what message she has gotten across to those who are regular viewers of her YouTube channel. If there’s one thing Megan has taught Emily is that you should always follow your dreams and never let people bring you down.

All in all, Megan fits the ideal role model picture in Emily’s eyes. Megan has influenced her in ways that will be beneficial and useful for future situations.

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