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Sibling Resemblance

Kenzie and Landon Estes have a strong sibling relationship

By: Jacky Preziosi

Siblings are more than just best friends that don’t get along all the time. They hold the key to your memories and make up most of the enjoyable times of your life.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you didn’t have that special person in your life? Well, everyone who has siblings understands how it feels to have a person in your life that will always be there for you. Even though some of us with siblings may not know it, we love our siblings and will always be there for them. “I have one brother and eight sisters,” said Sarah Moore, 9th Grader, “and we love each other with passion.”

Memories are very important. Memories make up the stories we tell our friends and family. So why not share them with your siblings? Going places with your family is very important, whether it’s a trip to a different state or even just a shop at the grocery store. You never know when a really special memory could come up. “My favorite memory with my brother John is when we went to Universal together and got loot,” said Patrick Davenzo, 9th Grader.

Spending time with your family doesn’t just mean going to places with them, it also means having a family dinner every night. Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t have a personal relationship with their family because they eat dinner in their room and do homework all night instead of having a conversation with each of their family members.
Siblings are a big part of our lives in many ways some of us don’t even know about. Its normal to get annoyed with our siblings from time to time, but its also normal to have a strong personal relationship with your siblings. It is very important to spend time with your family with conversations, family trips, and dinners.



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