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A Thanksgiving Reunion

Shining silverware, mouth-watering smells, and chattering voices circled around the dining room table.

By Rachel Parish

Excited chattering, sweet smells in the air, and full stomachs comes every year, Thanksgiving. It is the time for family and rekindling relationships. With long distances from each other slowly shrinking when they meet under one roof.

Close knit families can feel broken by a move, kids struggle from being away from cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. “My family and I were really close. I would see them almost every Saturday and we’d go to each other’s big events.” Madison Werts, a sophomore from Viera High, stated on her relationship with her family before she moved. Samantha Totty, a junior, had the same relationship, “We were pretty close, I usually saw them once a week.”

The night would bring memories in front of the table — literally there was “a lot of food” both Daniel Roberts, freshman, and Ramses Gonzalez, junior, declared. Sarah Smith, 9th grade, favorite memory was baking with her grandmother. Questions popped up about school and school sports, exchanging different school experiences from one relative to another. Family even bonded in front the television to watch NFL football, “My family’s a cowboys nation.” stated Constance Reese, senior.

The sorrows of the distances disappeared with a feast to remember, “It was like seeing a piece of me come back…” said Werts when she saw her family members walk through the door on the chilly fall night. Reese, 12th grade, described her feeling on seeing her relatives with an “automatic smile” on her face. Just one visit could be a life time to remember old and new memories.

“…It was also a big relief, because being the busy person that I am, I rarely have time to call. It was good to know they’re doing ok.” Smith reveals when seeing her relatives on Thanksgiving.

What truly makes Thanksgiving so special? “Just being with family,” Daniel Roberts, a 9th grader, said. Seeing long distant family members can change the aspect of this simple holiday for a weekend to remember. It was even a new experience for Ramses Gonzalez, 11th grade, for it was his first Thanksgiving in the United States. But living in a different place would not change the feeling of it being Thanksgiving as Madison Werts quotes, “It was special because even though I’m not in the place I call ‘home’ anymore, it felt like I was.” Now every year they have something to look forward to.



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