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The Holiday Madness

Waiting for the doors the people are bundled up lining up around the store.

Waiting for the doors the people are bundled up lining up around the store.

People line the building as the snow is falling on the cold fall night waiting for the doors to open at midnight.

Black Friday by definition is the day after Thanksgiving, noted as the first day of traditional Christmas shopping, during which crowds of consumers are drawn to special offers by retailers. During this holiday shoppers spend the most money looking for the best deals. Most girls go to look for the best deals on clothes, shoes, purses, and perfume. Guys target on the other hand is electronics.

According to Greg a senior at Viera High School the best deal he found was on a 32 inch flat screen tv.

Kiana East said, “my mission was mostly winter clothes.”

There were many people that received great deals. A few people had seen numerous people get in fights. According to Hunter P. A freshman at Viera High School, “the only arguing I saw was two moms fighting over a spot in line at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Alexa Campbell a senior at Viera said, “in Charlotte Russe these two girls were fighting over the last dress they had and someone got elbowed in the face.”

There was a lot of controversy when people were asked what they thought about Black Friday starting on Thanksgiving Thursday. When asked how you feel about Black Friday starting on Thursday Justine Garcia a junior at Viera High School said, “I think it’s a terrible idea because it interrupts family dinners and isn’t the same going at eight verses midnight. Also it is on Friday.”

Many people agreed with they idea Justine had, but Anna Martin a freshman thought differently. Anna said, “I like it! I left at about seven p.m. Thanksgiving night, and stayed out until three a.m.

These Black Friday traditions have been going on for years and they will continue to go on for many more.



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