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Are People Willing to Lie More to Friends than to Strangers?


Everyone lies at least once in their life. Kayla Finnell and Morghan Olaiz show that even friends lie to each other.

By Victoria Santis and Morghan Olaiz

Usually the first thing someone thinks of when they think of lying is trying to deceive somebody.  However, everybody has lied at least once in their lifetime, but have you ever wondered who you lie to most often and why?

In a survey, some students at Viera High School sat down to tell us about their own lying habits.  They agreed that most people lie in order to get away with something or to help a friend.  Most of them admit that the main people they lie to are their parents and strangers.

Though some of the students believe lying is easy, many believe that lying doesn’t always come as easily as expected.  “Lying can be hard when you’re trying to cover up something and have to back it up,” Devon Dickerson, a sophomore, said.

“I find lying to be both easy and difficult.”  Manny Vendrell, a senior at the school, stated, “When I need to lie I can make one up on the spot, but I hate doing it so I try to not lie at all.  I hate the feeling I get when I lie, that’s why it is difficult.”

The students were asked to tell how often they believed they lied.  “I lie all the time,” Cody Higham, a senior, boldly admitted.  However, most of the students didn’t lie as often as Cody did.

Freshman, Kayla Finnell says, “I lie about 2-3 days out of the week.”

Testing their lying abilities the students were asked to hit us with some of their best lies.  “Well, I’ve obviously lied about cleaning my room,” sophomore, Bianca Buschar stated.

Freshman, Michael Horne says, “When people ask me if I’m okay I usually lie and say yes.”

Whether lying comes naturally or not, everyone has told a lie before in their life.  From the viewpoint of these young adults lying is a trait that can sometimes be useful in emergency situations.  They would rather be honest throughout the day, but when they feel it is needed a small lie might get them out of trouble.

So, before you tell another lie think about the reasons behind it.  Think about why people lie and who they lie to most often.  Then, tell us why do you lie?



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