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Early Child Care Winter Celebrations

By Remi Kramer and Amanda Collins

Painting their red paper with green and black paint, the early child care kids celebrate Kwanzaa.

The Viera little Hawks have been celebrating the winter holidays with crafts and parties. Their parents even joined in on the fun. From Chanukah, to Kwanzaa, to Christmas. They learned the different holidays and what they are about.

Jason Making a Ornament

Excited to make his ornament 4 year old Jayson helped put paint in the plastic mold.

To celebrate the three holidays of the winter season they did a variety of activities.  Chanukah is the celebration of the Jewish faith. To celebrate they created their own Star of David out of glitter and Popsicle sticks. Kwanzaa is celebrated by African and Pan Americans, for Kwanzaa they created their own Kinara out of various items. They used the three colors used in the real Kinara, Black red and green. The Kinara is used for representing the seven principles. Christmas is celebrated for the birth of Christ. They celebrated by watching the Polar Express, decorating sugar cookies and making various crafts and ornaments. On the last day of their celebrations they had a winter party to bring all three together.

We asked the preschool teachers what they thought of the celebrations this year. 10th grader Sarah Ayala said

“I think they are awesome! The kids looked so happy for the polar express party! All of the kids had a good time and so did the teachers!”

Another 10th grader Sabrina Seoura quoted

“I love how diverse the celebrations are, and that we’re learning about all religions instead of just Christmas.”

You could feel the room beaming with kids’ smiles. “They enjoyed the winter holiday celebrations.” said Amanda Collins. The week-long activities made the week fly by for the kids and teachers.  “They were excited,” Sarah Ayala said, “Charlotte said “It was really fun.”

Everyone may wonder why it’s so important for kids to learn different cultures at such a young age. We asked Mrs. Anderson what she thought and got, “It is important for children to have a global view of how similar we are to combat the biases and misunderstandings that arise as a result of cultural differences.” The kids responded with happiness and understanding of the different cultures and loved learning about them at the same time.



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