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Winter Trends

By Kendall Jensen and Cami Digiacomo


Bundled up for Florida’s 70 degree weather, Lexi Eastburn, 11th grade, Cori Fisher, 9th grade, and Julia Ramsey, 9th grade, hurry off to their next class.

When most people think of Florida, they think of sunshine and palm trees, not snow and cold temperatures. Although most days Floridians can wear shorts and tank tops, there are some days worthy of long sleeves.

Florida’s winter can’t really be considered a true winter. Winter in Florida doesn’t start until almost January, and even then, there are only a few really cold days or weeks. “Florida winter trends are lighter with fewer layers because it doesn’t get that cold here,” said 11th grader Sarah Seibert.

According to Marc Jacobs and Steve Madden, leather will be the biggest trend this winter. When asked what winter trends are popular at VHS, “leather jackets” was one of 10th grader Kinsey Steele’s responses. Other designer brands such as Chanel and Alexa Chung claim that thigh high and combat boots will be big this winter. “My combat boots are must have when I’m Traveling during the winter,” said Noel Fleig, 9th grade.

Most students at Viera don’t buy designer clothes, but the popular trends can be found in most retail stores. “I shop for winter clothes mostly at either Pacsun or Urban Outfitters because they both have a variety of clothing options,” said 9th grader Jackie Lamm.

If you are shopping on a budget, don’t worry, you can get cute winter clothes for a bargain! “For winter clothes I shop online mostly or at thrift shops because they always have cute sweaters and things for cheap,” said Kinsey. If you’re on an even tighter budget, just take 11th grader Cathryn Kaiser’s advice and just shop in your friend’s closets!



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