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Would you ask your teacher for Christmas presents? What if your teacher was Santa? Maddy Lanza asked Santa for a new car in fifth period.

by Sarah Ayala and Noah Wright

Whether you’re naughty or nice, everyone has a wish list.

With the economy being naughty, many people think it will affect their wish lists. People having to pay for health care, people being laid off and prices rising will definitely have an effect on what people want to buy.

“I think the economy will have a large toll on the amount of money that will be spent on each child this year.” -Colton Kunde

While other people are saying most families won’t have a problem spending money on their kids this Christmas like Amanda Skaja and Andrea Dana.

The average price of the items teens might want to buy is pretty high. New cell phones, tablets, the latest video game consoles, and even a new car!

“Some things teens might want to buy this year are the next generation consoles, new phones, and a car.” -Logan Farley

Sean Hoffner and Jessica Morgan say that the economy will affect the amount of money parents will be able to spend on their children.

Parents spend about $500 for each child. Although some have outliers such as such as, small toys etc… Most presents consist of laptops, phones, and stereos.

Teens can agree that parents will have to spend a lot of money on new technology. For a parent with multiple kids, they might not be able to get the things on their kid’s wish lists.

“As a parent of one child, I believe that Christmas will be easier on me than other parents.” Dawn Ayala

Since the economy took a downwards swerve, parents haven’t been able to buy as many presents. Instead of going for quantity parents have been buying for quality items that their teens would actually want such as cars and laptops.

Sean Hoffner and Adam Babineau agree that the economy will affect many people’s wish lists this year.

“I don’t think the economy will affect people’s Christmas who lives in Viera; however, around the country people’s wish lists may be shorter.” –Andrea Dana



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