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A Melody to a Stress Free Day

melodyStudies show that listening to music can relieve stress and calm your mind and body. Music is used as a type of the therpy and is “an escape”, as some teens put it. Now a days its common to find young adults with music blasting from their headphones.

They have busy days of school, drama and family concerns taking place daily. A few resort to different methods. Music being the most successful one. Every person has their own taste in music.

Teens tend to have a more stressful life… Sometimes one they can’t handle. These young adults are easily influenced with society around us today. Feeling pressured to be someone they’re not or hating who they are.

As an escape, they plug in their iPods or phones and tune out the world with music. “Music has the power to save lives,” as one Viera student said. She says, “That with hard times and drama, it’s easy to lose yourself in it when you can’t handle it anymore.

From a male perspective, a young man claims that some other teenagers can be bullies and the ones who hurt, feel lost. Being there before, he found a playlist of songs to make him remember a quote. “If people hate you, you must be doing something right.”

People may not realize it, but music is apart of everyone’s lives. It calms the body, relaxes the body, and most importantly, it can heal most mental pain. “Music is a real life saver,” as an unknown source says.



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