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Holiday Traditions

Blue lights on the Christmas tree.

Blue lights on the Christmas tree.

By Tori Nixon

As the holidays are approaching, family traditions start to take place. From baking cookies with grandma to hanging up Christmas lights. Everyone has something special to do over the holidays.

I interviewed people at Viera High school randomly in each grade. I asked them their favorite family holiday traditions. Alex Capalbo said “I love watching Christmas movies on Christmas Eve.” Mary Sigmon eats fried chicken for Christmas Eve dinner. How interesting is that?

The holidays can bring joy to many people. Asking why they enjoy or not enjoy holidays traditions explained the reasons for happiness during the holiday season. Matt Ellis enjoys spending time with his family and eating a big meal on Christmas. Emilio Worden says “I enjoy them because they bring us together.” Even though stress sometimes takes over during the holidays, in the end everyone comes together.

There are many traditions that people have, my interviewees told me what traditions they would like to begin in the future. Katherine says “Going to new york would be a great tradition to start.” Morgan Levine wants to go to the Hog Hunt in Bull Creek every year. Even making homemade decorations would be something new and exciting!

As for most people holiday traditions give excitement and something to look forward to. So stay jolly and be merry, have a happy Holidays.




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