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Holiday Traditions

By Annie Stoll and Halie Beasley

Lights on houses, cookies baking in the oven, and carolers singing jingles are just a few holiday traditions celebrated by Viera High School.

Traditions come in all shapes and sizes. For some, they are extravagant vacations to exotic places; for others, they are the smell of cinnamon filling their nostrils or a small box wrapped in colorful red and green paper. For sophomore Lina Ruiz, New Years Eve is a treasured tradition. “My family and I do a Hispanic tradition. Everyone gets 12 grapes each and at midnight, you eat each grape and make a wish for each month of the year.”

Some people stay home for the holidays, but some decide to travel. One of the travelers we interviewed was Maddie Heaps, “A couple of years ago, when we were moving back to the U.S from Japan, we stopped and vacationed in Hawaii around the holidays. It was fun celebrating Christmas there, and seeing the different holiday traditions.” Wow, now that’s one heck of a holiday vacation.

You better not pout, you better not cry, you better not shout I’m telling you why Santa Claus is coming to town! CAUTION! This is not intended for the eyes of young children. Santa isn’t real. If you didn’t heed our warning, then this may be your face…

"SANTA'S NOT REAL?" Tyler Heflin stands shocked as he realizes the awful truth.

“SANTA’S NOT REAL?” Tyler Heflin stands shocked as he realizes the awful truth.

And what goes better with the holidays than traditional food? People often associate holidays with food. Mitchell Lewis’ favorite holiday food is an Italian food called “pizzelles”, something his family makes every year around Christmas! He also loves to eat the cupcakes his sister makes.

But of course, the best thing about the holidays are the fond memories people keep dear to their heart for the years to come. Mr. Susin, a teacher at Viera, commented on his favorite holiday memory. Contemplating his options he carefully selected the memory of him riding his bike for the first time. Getting this bike for Christmas, he rode it for the first time, after unwrapping it. He said “Nothing feels better than the wind in your face.” It felt like freedom.

Regardless of your favorite food, best memory, or your family traditions we all share something similar during the holidays. We all have a feeling of hope and joy during this holiday season.



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