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Sports Fashion Stereotypes

sports fashion

Representing various sports at Viera High School, different sports fashions are shown above.

By Kiana East and Lexi Eastburn

Throughout Viera High School athletics, sports fashion varies immensely. Student athletes had much to say of fashion stereotypes among various sports.

No matter what the sport, every student athlete has certain aspects of their sport’s style that they like best. For baseball player Alex Brait, the “tight pants for our butts’ are a personal favorite. Softball players seem to have a similar opinion about the pants. Junior softball player Ashley Dehn said a unique style of her sport is “the lovely pants that squeeze your insides to death.”

Freshman soccer player Cori Fisher said, “I think the fact that we (soccer players) use pre wrap as headbands throws some people off. Usually it’s used for medical reasons but we use it for hairstyles.” Pre wrap is definitely a unique style specific to girl’s soccer.

When asked  what his favorite part of his sport’s apparel is, senior football player Josh Ellis replied, “My football helmet and my jock strap,” and he admitted, “didn’t wash it all year.”

Viera student athletes also seem to have some set ideas regarding the styles of other sports outside their own. Junior golfer Kaycee Gray said that “baseball players wear that random necklace thing”, when asked about unique trends and styles of other sports.

Other Viera students were found to have some curious suspicions towards other sports. Senior lacrosse player Joey Bowen claimed, “I heard guys soccer players wear girl’s underwear.” Also, of baseball players, Josh Ellis said, “Well Kyle Hintz likes to wear tanks, basketball shorts, high socks, and running shoes so I guess that’s what everyone else does.”

Overall, every sport seems to have their own unique fashion and trends, and athletes certainly hold different stereotypes towards sports that they don’t play.



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