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The Stress Effect


Students are overwhelmed with stress due to the high work load of high school classes.

By Annie Roe and Taylor Worley

Every student has once endured the qualities of a monster called stress; sweaty hands, rapid heart beat, and the struggle to achieve perfection. Stress mostly affects high schoolers and those reaching adulthood.

Stress is a mental, emotional, or physical strain caused by anxiety or overwork. Stress can have a major effect on high school students physically and mentally. Short term effects of stress on one’s body are headaches and muscle tension. Long term exposure to stress can lead to a higher risk of getting cardiovascular disease, and other similar heart problems. Stress can also cause vulnerability to infection, skin irritation, and in extreme cases, diabetes and infertility. Mental and emotional effects of stress can include confusion, negative attitudes or thoughts, frustration, and a sense of helplessness.

Some high school courses can be more stressful than others. In fact, three out of the four students interviewed revealed that science tends to be the course they stress over the most. According to research done by the Wall Street Journal , students enrolled in science oriented classes do not do as well as they plan or wish to. Ashley Worley, a 9th grader at Viera High School in Viera, Florida stated that “I think science is one of the most stressful subjects to take in high school because you need to understand harder concepts and study a lot.”

High schools around the country are beginning to combat academic stress in a number of ways. Prospect High School, located in suburban Chicago, brings therapy dogs to help students slow down and cope with their stress. Other schools are now offering yoga classes and more time in between classes. Many high schoolers have begun to brainstorm ideas ways teachers could eliminate stress inside and outside of the classroom. Brittnie DeTorre, an 11th grader at Viera High School, says “[Teachers] should talk to each other so they don’t stack too many homework assignments and tests on students at the same time.”

High school students are also taking action against stress in their own ways. Kyle Slone, a 12th grader at Viera High School, and Jordan Walsh, a 10th grader at Viera High School stated that they relieve stress by playing sports. It’s been proven that exercise is a lead contender in ways to relieve high amounts of stress. Other ways stress can be relieved is listening to music, calling a friend, getting more sleep, and eating right.


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