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Viera Boys’ Basketball

JV Boys waiting to be substituted into the game

JV Boys waiting to be substituted into the game

By Lina Ruiz and Katie Goodman

Hoop there it is! Viera Boys’ Basketball is starting the season off fresh. From November 19th to January 31st the boys have and still are working hard to end the season with a bang. Freshman, JV, and Varsity have pushed themselves through hard practice and conditioning to show our competitors who’s boss.

The freshman have started off the season with a record of 8-0 with one tied game. The guys say that they are having a ton of fun winning and working together to make the best out of their winter season. “Our height is definitely our weakness and our strengths would have to be our great coaches.”, answers Esteban Alvarez. “We’re having a great time.” The team expects to continue to have a great season and bring home some more wins to add to the ones they have rightfully deserved.  Definitely one of the best freshman teams Viera has seen so far. The guys are starting their season off fantastic.

JV Boys’ Basketball is also proving their greatness with a record of 5-4 with no ties. Coach Murphy has put his guys to work to pick up their game and keep on playing hard. Players, Michael Acosta and Darren Rodney, both agree that every player on the team is as valuable as the next and that they work hard as a unit to win games. “We have great coaching leadership and the team has a lot of chemistry from last year which makes us even stronger.” says Acosta. “Sometimes we start off slow but that’s how we get down.” The boys look positively into their future as a team and individuals to bring Viera to the top.

Varsity has had a rocky start with a record of 0-10 but with effort and a lot of team work they are planning to pull themselves up and show other teams what Viera is made of. Sebastian Samuels states, “I feel as if our record doesn’t effectively display our teams talent or ability because this is by far the best all around basketball team I have played on.” The boys have created a family atmosphere and they have all got each others backs through it all. London Gowins explains that the team is good at tuning out negativity from their peers outside the program and that keeping their heads up is definitely a strength. The guys are athletic, fast, and young which gives them a boost and advantage when playing against everyone else. The team agrees that everyone is valuable and a large asset to their greatness. They all pitch in and work together to make this season one of their best. Viera Boys’ Basketball is off to a great start and everyone can’t wait to see what they have planned next.



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