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Rumored Winter Formal


Here are some holiday decorations found around Viera.

By Allison Summers and Maddie McGhee

This year there was talk going around the school of a rumored Winter Formal. Many students supported the idea. Junior, Andrea Dana, voices her opinion by saying “I believe we should have a Winter Formal to bring our school closer together. School during the winter months is depressing; we need to zest it up!” This is just a snapshot of many other students in varying grades.

Even though freshman and sophomore think it’s a good idea, most upperclassmen are opposed to having them at the dance. Senior, Kevin Whitnable, thinks only juniors and seniors should attend, it would be too crowded with everyone else.

Another challenge that comes with having a third dance is finding a location. A site on campus would be ideal for budgeting cost. Some students had good ideas on where the dance should take place.  Chris Kelley, an eleventh grade student, believes the dance should be held in the gym, while Julia Ramsey, a ninth grader, thinks the cafeteria would be ideal.

Due to lack of school spirit, its felt Viera needs more tradition. A third dance would create “ A sense of unity among the student body.” Says Jordan Walsh

Of course with a dance you need decorations! Sophomore Jalen Brown thinks snowflakes would be a good idea. An opposed junior, Ty Wallace, says “No decorations, let’s just dance to the song Bootywurk in a bare cafeteria.”

The only way for the Winter Formal to take place is for a teacher to volunteer to coordinate it. So far no teacher has volunteered. Mrs.Garton, who usually schedules dances, is unable to volunteer due to her pregnancy.  Any teachers who are interested contact SGA.



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